InsTech Brokerage works with life and disability insurance agents across the country to help clients to obtain the best possible option for insurance.

Working with just about every carrier in the United States, with access to semi-exclusive discount, brokers are able to leverage our technology solutions to stand out from the crows. We make it easier to help clients and to do it in a way where they see transparency like never before.

Our brokers have access to our instant life insurance quoting system. We can embed the life insurance tool on an existing website or we can offer a simple website solution or a complex agency website. Lots of options for integration and to leveraging technology.

Insurance agents also gain access to our instant fact finder system where clients can complete step one of the underwriting process 24/7 without the agent needing to be on the phone with the client or needing to be in person with the applicant.

We understand that there are many options for where business will be brokered. The commission rates that our brokers earn are just as strong as they are anywhere else. The big thing that we offer that other brokerage shops fail to offer is personalized, customized technology solutions that allow the insurance agent to operate in a tech-savvy world.

Today's consumer demands these solutions. The days of these options being optional are over. Start working with InsTech Life and Disability Insurance Brokerage today and you will never look back.

We value our relationships with each and every broker and look forward to crafting a customized marketing/tech plan with each broker. Selling life and disability insurance is not like it used to be. Purchasing life and disability insurance is not like it used to be.



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